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Welcome to 2013

Since I'm launching this new design, let's begin with a few updates on various projects.

Raspberry Pi - Status: Hiatus

I'd still like to see Chrome on Raspberry Pi fly, but I don't have time for it at present, and I'm kinda at a dead end in terms of where to go with it. It's not dead, so I might have something to share with you in the future for this one.

Chromium OS Vanilla - Status: Active

Vanilla builds are continuing as normal, but please note that Flash/MP3/PDF aren't supported as these require plugins or codecs which I don't have a license to distribute. I can't help you install these for this reason, nor can I ship them for the same reason.

Chromium OS Lime - Status: Discontinued

I'm afraid to say Lime is discontinued and I'm no longer offering it for download or any support for it whatsoever: I have no plans for this to return.

Huge thanks to Geir Marius Kirkeberg Jansson for building this new design for me. If you're curious, this site is now running on Jekyll/Google App Engine.

I think that's about it. If I've forgotten something, tweet me and I'll post an update here